On-site genealogy tours with you

The very best if you yourself come and we will do the discovery of the area together! We will do a real adventure tour- it is very exciting and always with a lot of results! Your personal involvement we hope very much will be a great lifelong experience and a lot of fun for you!

We will travel together to the former residence of your ancestors, very often virtually unchanged villages, meet your relatives long forgotten or never seen. We will visit the cemeteries, oldest streets, we will talk with the elderly people of the place searching for information about your family. We will learn about the way of life of the former generations, the life of the society, the history of common people. The history of a nation is reflected in the history of the families.

You will take pictures of the church, synagogue your ancestors could have married in, pictures of graves in the cemeteries.

Genealogy tours

If you cannot take part in this trip :( we will do the entire job without you! But we will tell you all the details about our trip, we will send you all the pictures taken.

We will provide and interpret heraldry; we will find your coat of arms and translate the old Latin, German, Hungarian documents.

We will use address books, telephone registers, records, censuses. The sources we usually use are accessible at national, county and town archives, registry offices and sometimes from organizations that have gathered specific information such as, for example, of Holocaust victims and survivors, war casualties.

For records before 1895 we research in parish books of religious congregations, communities. For records after 1895 we have to conduct the research in state record books of the local municipalities.

It was 1895 that the compulsory State Recording law became in effect. In some places there are records to be found already from 1790's but these are only the exceptions. Until 1836 the records were written in Latin, often in German (even Jewish records too).

For privacy reasons state recordings can only be searched 30 years after one's death, 60 years after the marriage took place and 90 years after one's birth. So in 2009 we can search birth certificates back to the year of 1919.

In case you are looking for Jewish ancestors, it is important to note that nearly all the Jewish communities outside Budapest were destroyed, therefore most of the cemeteries are no longer in use, often in ruins. It also can be a problem that your ancestors might have changed their names, for example Jewish origin people often 'Hungarized' their names as a sign of assimilation, and they translated their very often German names to Hungarian like Schwarz to Fekete. Later on when they immigrated into another country, like USA, Canada, it is also very common that they 'Anglicised????' their names.

In most cases our guests can identify the former residence of their ancestors, very often they have already conducted a family tree research. There are several WEB Archive pages established in order to help us with digital databases when researching in the field of Hungarian Genealogy. We provide informative genealogy related links, articles of interest to researchers tracing their roots in Hungary. If you need professional help of a genealogist, we can help you.