Kedves Gabriella-

Thank you so much for a fascinating two days in Magyaroszag that were life changing - literally!  My mother, father and I have not stopped talking about it.  Please thank Peter as well... he was the consummate host (and translator :). 
(We continue to work on our Hungarian... we WILL be better next time!!)
Attached please find the pictures of our visit (I'll post all the pictures to a photo sharing site in the next few weeks...).   We haven't stopped talking about this visit, and I say that without exaggeration.  We've told all of our relatives, and they could not believe the story, or our luck (and our good fortune to have been with you and Peter).   Serendipity is the only word we have to describe the series of events on that day.
We plan on definitely getting back to Hungary again.  We hope we'll get the chance to reconnect (and finish the sites in Budapest).
As Americans, we always wonder about our ancestry.   Where did our ancestors live?  Do they actually practice the traditions that were passed to us  in Hungary today, etc.?    Your help in answering these questions, and actually finding the house where my great grandmother lived (and finding that I have cousins that still live in the house) was beyond our wildest dreams!   Putting into context the Hungarian traditions that were left to us, as well as sharing others that continue to be practiced, made our experience with you truly unforgettable.   Our only regret was having to leave (but we we'll be back!).
(Thank you for also translating those little phrases my great grandmother would say.  Quite interesting :)
Thank you, again.  I'm so incredibly proud of Magyaroszag and to have Hungarian blood!   I will send pictures when I return to New York.  I can't wait to come back for a longer holiday (and I promise my Hungarian will improve!).  I will send you a link once we have uploaded all the pictures from our trip, and we would be honored to have our family photo on your site!  Please feel free to use any of the recommendations as well.  I will also be happy to be a reference, should anyone ask.
 Feel free to give my work number (212-279-1478).
Christine Gilbertie  NY 2008 December



Dear Gabriella,
Again thank you for connecting me with my lost relatives and your wonderful tour of Budapest.
I have just read your translation and it answers many questions I have about our Hungarian Ancestors. I have already began e-mailing Beata and she will translate for her family.
I can thank you enough for all that you have done. Please stay in touch and let me know how you and your family are doing.
With warmest regards.

Tom THOMAS MESZAROS 2008 November

Are you sure, that you are the oldest lady in the village?

Dear Gabriella,

Elmer and I got home on Wednesday at 23:00 our time. I want to thank you for providing such a personal service to us; we are thrilled that you were able to find our relatives in Hungary.
I want you to know that you will always be a special person to me and have enriched my life with your compassion.
Did your son get started in college? Good luck with your teaching; you have a wonderful gift with language. I will send you the author and title of the book concerning the 1956 unrising as soon as I catch up at home.
Take care of yourself and email if you ever feel inclined.

Nancy Posick, Elmer Posick 2008 Sept