If you are interested in our services just send an e-mail!

You will receive a Research Inquiry Form and on the bases of the information provided we will send a quote to you.

Let us give you an example: if you know the name of the village, the birth date of your grandfather and would like us to visit the place to take pictures, find information about your family, family house and possible living relatives. You also would like to get information about the history of the area, important sights, coats of arms, etc.

Our fee depends first of all on the distance from Budapest. In the territory of the present Hungary the day-trip is about 200-300 USD.

If you decide we will do together the discoveries our fee is very similar, between 200-300 USD, regarding the cost of the travel, the time needed is the same. If you would like to visit the sights of the area, it is again a little bit different.

Send us an inquiry and you will see!