Are you planning to do some research in your family history? Or you have already been working on it long and hard? Have you become curious about the village your grandparents came from? What their homelands look like?

A private tour guide in Budapest and a historian offer on-site Genealogy Tours in historical Hungary . If you have Ancestry in Hungary , Hungarian Roots, Living Relatives, your forefathers were Emigrants from Hungary or Survivors of the Holocaust, we would be very pleased to be on your service.

We will help you make your family history more meaningful and interesting.


We have been working in the tourism for a long time and we often met Hungarian origin people searching for their heritage. It was always a wonderful uplifting experience to assist them in their search, many of my previous guests have a strong emotional attachment to the country. We regard our job as a mission too, we would like more and more people to get back to their Hungarian heritage, to be proud of their origin, get to know about the Hungarian culture, history. We will incorporate your tailor-made ancestry tour into an overall tour of Budapest and Hungary.